Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One Good Dating Tip: When To Say “Can I Buy You A Drink?”

If a woman smiles at you from across the room, how do you approach her?  She’s practically SCREAMING for you to come and talk to her.  But, what is NOW the best way to begin the conversation?

Before you even begin to move towards her, remember to keep it simple and never do more than you really need to do.

Use the E/S opener.

The Environmental/Situational opener (E/S) is where we approach a woman with a rather simple question which can possibly lead to a longer, more interesting conversation.  Some examples:

Nice bag, is that a new Gucci?Do you like this painting?Wow, that dance floor is packed!Boy this line is taking forever.Can I buy you a drink? (yes, you can say it…if she gives you a strong signal of interest…happy now?)

The structure:

Notice the environment and pull a relevant question or comment from it that you pose to her.  The ONE thing you know that you have in common with her currently is the CONTEXT of your surroundings.  So, start from there.  Simple and easy (as it should be).

If you are a physically attractive guy, this might be all you need to do at ANY point EVER socially.  Or, if she gives you a big smile, or other obvious signal from across the room, then approaching with an E/S opener is BEST.

Remember, never do more than you need.  If you have a strong “gut” feeling that she’s into you pose an E/S opener to her.

The E/S skill gets a lot of criticism as it is rather plain and unflashy.  But, if she gives you a strong signal of interest, why would you do more?  In other words, this CAN be a very effective skill, if used at the right time…

Stephen Nash

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