Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Are You A Force, Or A Consequence?

Big question today.
People are either one, or the other.  Are you one who initiates, begins, imposes, imagines, creates, acts, DOES?
Or, are you one who responds, reacts, cowers, shifts, pulls back, refrains, regrets and puts off?
Do you suffer from the disease of “tomorrow”?  ie:
I’ll do it tomorrowIt can wait til tomorrowIt will be simpler tomorrowI’ll feel better/like it tomorrowI’ll go talk to her tomorrow
Well, what is it?
One of my favorite topics here is “having a purpose” in life.  In fact, as I am now rewriting my eBook “How To Get A Girlfriend” into a 4th Volume, I am particularly happy with the “purpose” section.
To pursue a purpose is the BEING of attraction.  Fully engaged in something outside of yourself, some goal or aim, harnesses a man’s energy and focuses his life and lifestyle.  A woman can sense this.  She knows it within seconds of meeting you.
A man on a mission can be trusted, a man who isn’t, cannot.  A man with an aim is empowered and engaged, a man who isn’t is needy and small.
Life is short.  It takes balls to live the life you deeply feel is your own. It’s OK to be afraid.  It’s not OK to let it win, or much less, let it win day, by day, by day, by day, by day…
It is a question of carving out some space of your own or morphing yourself into the tiny space given.
You are either a force, or a consequence.  What are you?

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