Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How To Win A Girl Over – Surefire Methods To Win A Girl’s Heart

To know how to win a girl over, just follow these techniques that I am going to give you. It’s really not difficult to know how to win a girls heart if you know exactly what to do. Read on and discover the killer ways of winning a girl over…

Before anything, remember that girls are typically insecure in their relationships. They spend most of their time wondering how their boyfriends really think about them. These tips on winning over a girl are based on how you can use “insecurity” to make a girl love you quickly. It’s controversial, but hey, it works. Dig in…

How To Win A Girl Over – Surefire Methods To Win A Girl’s Heart

Technique #1: Be Aggressive. You’re the one wearing the pants in the relationship, so grow some balls (pardon the language) and COURT her! Initiate the first step, ask her out, and sweep her off her feet. As Goethe says, take the first step – boldness is magical when it comes to courtship and attraction.

Of course, it helps a little if you drive a Lamborghini Superleggera, but it’s really not necessary. But if you do, then don’t come off as a show off. Talk about what you have accomplished, but never boast – that’s a real turnoff.

Technique #2: Get Her Hints. Now most men are hardly sensitive, and they are seem to be unable to get the little hints that women drop in their way. Don’t be one of these guys. Girls won’t just TELL you that they like you, but you will be able to know for sure if you are sensitive enough. Therefore, to know how to win a girl over is to understand how she feels by decoding her hints.

Technique #3: Seduce Her Conversationally. All women are emotional, and their emotions are driven by what you say to them. Therefore, conversational seduction techniques are essential here. Expert seducers use conversational attraction (and sometimes mild hypnosis) techniques such as Fractionation to make women like them quickly.

Technique #4: Use Body Language. Non-verbal techniques are often overlooked when it comes to winning a girl’s heart. Eye movements, the tone of your voice, and even how your hands move would play an important factor in your quest to win a girl over.

Technique #5: Use Fractionation. This is a little “manipulative”, but works like gangbusters. Fractionation is a technique which makes a woman go through an emotional up-and-down so that her brains get “short-circuited” which then forces her to like you.

To win a girl’s heart, usage of Fractionation will get you there – quickly and easily!

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