Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Anything is Possible

I’m always looking for ways to push past my limits and improve myself in new areas. This is what separates me from 99% of the population. Most people are, unfortunately, stagnating. This is the way I live a lot of my life for a long time. I felt that improvement was only possible in some areas, I now realize that every aspect of your life can be controlled and improved.
One of my great goals in high school was to bench 135 pounds. By itself this number seems random, but if you have ever spent time in a weight room, you know that this is a common enemy. The benchpress bar weighs 45 pounds and the largest weights you can put on either side weight 45 pounds. So I always wanted to be able to put on the big weights.
At some point in my life, I guess I just gave up on that goal. It kind of drifted off and I became a person who would never bench that much weight.
On Friday, I was leaving the gym and walked past a couple of my buddies benching exactly 135. My first thought was damn my friends are stronger than me. But because they are good guys they brought me into the mix. I was like I can’t lift that much, it’s not possible for me. So I only benched 95 pounds. That’s a medium sized weight of 25 pounds on each side.
I hammered out 12 reps at that weight so my friends convinced me to try 135. I was like I’ll try guys but you better spot me because it’s way to heavy for me. I destroyed 135. Turns out that without realizing it, right now I am the strongest I have ever been in my entire life.
We threw on ten more pounds and I hammered out 3 reps of 145.
To some people that weight is nothing and to others it is amazing. The point is only about the goal relative to me. I have been pushing myself over the past year to get into better and better shape inside and out. And a side effect was bringing home another one of my dreams.
Now go out and bring home one of yours.

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