Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One Good Dating Tip: Enlist A BFFF

By now you should know that planning parties, events and outings is the BEST way to meet women (didn’t know that?  Read “How To Get A Girlfriend” ).  For the *BEST* results you need to enlist a partner in “social” crime…


Your BFFF=Best Female Friend…”Forever” (sorry, had to).

If you want to truly reach the highest of social heights, you need to enlist a hip, plugged-in woman to help you grow your social circle. It’s not “required”, but it does make a HUGE difference.

Ask yourself: If you received an invitation from “Joey” or from “Joey and Marie”, which would intrigue you more? If you knew a party was being thrown by both “Paul” AND “Vanessa”, wouldn’t it cause you to want to go MORE? Sure it would.


Women follow women, and men also follow women. Sure, some will come to your event and/or outing and sure, you can meet a lot of women without the BFFF. But, if you want to exponentially improve your social circle, social life and dating life…GET A BFFF.

Some rules for enlisting a BFFF:

Never hit on her;Never hit on her friends (with an exception, I will explain);Throw her some love by getting cool guys to come to the events/parties/outings (you scratch her back, she’ll scratch yours).

If she feels like she can meet cool guys in your circle, she will want to stay. As important, if she feels like the guys in your circle are cool and won’t make her or her friends uncomfortable, she will invite her attractive friends along.

All you need to do to cement her as the BFFF is do an event/outing together. Then, when it rocks (as it will), you say:

“Hey, let’s do this monthly – this was really fun”

And presto, you have yourself a BFFF.

Finally, if she invites a friend along that you want to meet…do it through the BFFF. Do NOT hit on her directly. Say something like:

“Your friend Alison is cute. I’d like to meet her. Do you mind if I intro myself or is it better through you?”

Yes, the honest route is best here. Your BFFF will have your back and make it happen. Women LOVE setting their female friends up with cool guys. Secure your partner in crime, and ride the fast track to some serious dating success.


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