Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How To Seduce An Older Woman

If you want to know how to seduce older women, then you’re at the right place. Everyone seems to be fixated at the “cougar” – you know, older women with unsatiable lust for younger men. This is by no means a new development – more and more guys are now learning the keys to “mature seduction”. They are getting schooled in the art of seducing older women. With a few simple techniques, guys can obtain the powers of seducing cougars. Read on to discover the killer tricks on how to seduce an older woman and get amazing results quickly

How To Seduce An Older Woman – 3 Killer “Mature Seduce” Techniques

Technique 1: The Sophistication Factor. Older women are different in a sense that they are impressed by class, intelligence and sophistication. You see, older women have more experience in dating – which means that you will need to come across as more charming and suave as usual. Older women are not attracted to immature guys who cannot hold a conversation together. The fact is that the more charming and matured you come across, the faster you’ll be able to tap into her rich sexual experience on the bed.

Technique 2: The Non-Braggart. Avoid boasting of your possessions, or your sexual exploits. You can be sure that the older woman will soon lose interest in you once you start bragging about your Jaguar or your little black book. Instead, find ways to compliment her about her achievements.

Technique 3: Use Fractionation. This is a fairly effective technique which is guaranteed to make an older woman fall in love with you quickly and deeeply. It’s a tactic borrowed from the field of hypnosis, psychology and neuro-linguistic programming.

Fractionation is pretty simple: you just need to talk to her casually, but at the same time bring her through an emotional roller coaster (i.e. circulating between happiness and sadness quickly). In the end, the cougar will find herself attracted hopelessly to you. It might sound complicated, but in reality it’s pretty simple to pull off… but only if you know how.

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