Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One Good Dating Tip: Her “Approach Me” Signals

Most women will not approach you. You “get” that, right?

But, they WILL give you signals, or “indicators” of interest. In this day and age it is somewhat taboo for a woman to overtly indicate her interest to a man. However, there are ‘ways’ she can signal you to approach her.

Some of these are obvious, and some are very subtle. But all should be known by a guy who is looking to meet more women.

One caveat: if a woman does NOT provide you with one of these, it doesn’t now mean you have an excuse NOT to approach her (I know all of the loopholes).

My list (Got your own?  Please add in the comments below):

Looks at you a bit longer than is “usual”Looks back to you more than once – the classic “double-take”Smiles at you (duh)Goes out of her way for you to notice her (walks past your table, when there are more direct ways to where she is going)Within her locale, shifts her body language to be more open to youIf adjacent, raises her voice so that you can hear herAccidentally “bumps” into youDrops something near you hoping you will pick it upPushes her hair out of the way, so that you can see more clearly her faceSubtly allows you to see more clearly what she is going; so, if she is reading, she will be sure you can see the book/magazine giving you an opening (subtle, but true)Sits or stands near you, but with her back directly to you. If you move, she moves tooHer feet and hips point towards you, but her shoulders and head don’t.Her lips swell, or become flushed. Her cheeks or neck might change color tooHer pupils dilate when she looks at youShe, ‘accidentally’, separates herself from her groupShe sees you, then adjusts her clothes

If she goes out of her way – in subtle and not so subtle ways – to get you to notice her, then guess what?

She wants you to notice her.

If you notice any of the above, she is probably interested. But, there is only one way to find out and that is to approach her.

Need help with that?  Read my How To Pick Up Women article.

Enjoy!  Oh, and remember, feel free to add more below…


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