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Special Tips For A Strong, Happy And Healthy Relationship

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Putting it plainly and simply, you have to try and communicate successfully with one another. This doesn’t mean you have to always agree with each other nor does it mean you have to just talk to the other partner. You need to use some empathy and make an effort to really understand each other and talk through the many things you’ll confront in your relationship as you go forward together as a couple, not just two single people with separate existences.
For a relationship to stand the test of time, the parties to it must have a strong physical connection.. This means a lot more than just intimacy between the sheets though. Don’t ever knock the touchy and feely aspects to your relationship.   This is one good way of strengthening the bond between you. Kisses, cuddles and hugs both inside and outside the home are important. While you don’t have to go overboard in being demonstrative, the more you touch in a way that is genuinely loving,  then the more content and happy you and you lover will likely be.
Having some common ground in a relationship is important to avoid excess conflict. This is where the two of you gravitate to the same value sets and sharing similar views and standards on matters of importance to you both such as political, religious or moral matters. No matter what shape your shared convictions are, it's smart to nurture those areas of commonality and use them as a vehicle to grow together, not widen any gaps you might have between you.
You may share some interests in common but don’t necessarily do so in exactly the same way or on an equivalent scale to one another. For instance, one of you might love horse racing as a sport and a way of having a flutter every now and then.  The other may just like horses for aesthetic reasons and have little interest in betting on them.  By going to the race track together both of you are able to enjoy the time you spend together with an interest in common but perhaps for different motivating reasons.Relationships simply won’t survive unless you both spend quality time together. If you are together but lead substantially separate loves (with little in the way of together times) then you really don’t have a relationship to nurture. Spending time together is crucial for relationship survival. Work together in order to identify constructive ways in which you can spend your time.  At times when your relationship may be experiencing some strain or difficulty, spending time together can be a good way to improve your lot or work things out, thereby helping to manufacture a more robust relationship if commitment is truly important to you.Although we’ve talked about the importance of spending quality time together as a couple so as to nurture and develop your relationship, spending some time away from your partner is also beneficial in forging a lasting relationship. It’s wise to spend some time in the company of friends and colleagues as this allows you to vent when you need to and mix in a different circle, thereby offering a bit of respite and a different form of stimulus to the demands of a committed relationship.If you’re able to blend these tips and suggestions into your life successfully they can help you improve the quality and strength of your relationship and keep you both tracking straight while avoiding the pitfalls that others tend to experience and find it difficult to recover

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