Friday, March 9, 2012

What if it's really over and how to handle it

We go through life looking for happiness and then we find it in a girlfriend,

someone to enjoy our lives with. One day we wake up and it's all over , done,

finished and we don't know what to do or to say to get her back. We try

everything from sending flowers to cards and nothing is getting through to her

because in her mind she is done with you. What to do? We each know why this is

happening in our own situations and our stories vary .

We do have this in common we lost our girl and want her back. The cards and

flowers show your confession of guilt, nothing is wrong with giving flowers at

the right time. Giving flowers as soon as you break up is a common thing, so

it's nothing special. Most of us guys have done something to cause the break

up with our ladies and some have not. Of course she will be resistant when you

first try to get her back. Going on with your life and doing well is one of the

best ways of attracting your ex.

Keep in contact with her when she calls or texts you and don't bring up the

past, keeping the quarreling down is best. If at this point you still want her

back you will have to show her you've changed. When I said live your life and

do well, I meant just that . Show her by being that what you say you are, show

her you have improved in the areas she complained about in the past. You should

be sincere when doing this because feelings are at stake, yours and hers so be

careful. Being a living testament to yours words by action is very attractive

to women, sticking to your word is very important if you truly love her and

want to do the right thing.

Keep in mind sometimes it really is over and there is nothing that can be done

to save your relationship. But when you can make sure it is what you really

want, you can get her back and have a rude awakening as to why she is your ex.

Be careful what you ask for, but if you just must have her then by all means

claim her. She is yours if you do one small thing that really is the big

deciding factor. Be yourself, be the best you and love yourself first and then

you can love her, she will pick up on this by how you treat yourself.

Yes treat yourself well, don't stress you guys relationship even if you really

are, don't show it. Be the man in the relationship by doing what you say you

will do. Only a ungrateful woman would not appreciate that, if you say you love

her show her by being it.
Be what you say that is the best you can do. Doing your best and living well

will become a life habit so you can still win even if you lose the woman.

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